Traveler who visited a boarding school in Malang, East Java, certainly gaping at the sight of the mosque Tiban. In addition to a large and unique architecture, this mosque was built army supposedly genie in 1 night. Believe?

Tiban mosque in the complex Boarding Biharu Bahri'asali Fadlaailir Rahmah in the Turen, Malang regency, East Java. Named 'Tiban' because it is said, the mosque was 'suddenly'.

In 2008, this mosque was a scene among residents and tourists. Investigate a investigate, Masjid Tiban jin made by soldiers in just 1 night. But apparently it was not proven, the students and pilgrims who made this mosque piecemeal.

Tiban mosque was built in 1991, and until now have not been able to say completed. Unmitigated, this mosque has 9 floors complete with a gift shop, snack shop, and a wildlife area.

Although the architectural style of building quirky as the Middle East, there is no architect who designed the mosque Tiban. Is the owner of the boarding school, KH Achmad Bahru Mafdloludin Sholeh the instructions to build this mosque istikharah through prayer.

Quoted from 'Holidays in Malang', Thursday (07/11/2013), the pesantren itself has existed since 1963. Tiban mosque built little by little, and eco-friendly concept. In fact, there is one part of the mosque that deliberately avoid coconut trees. This was done so that the palm trees are not cut down.

Tourists can enter the mosque Tiban for free, without any admission. You can browse the 9th floor of this mosque using the elevator or stairs. You can also see various animals such as monkeys, birds of paradise, parrots, deer, and other wildlife in the area special. Most of all, enjoy the quirky architecture and ornamentation of this building. Calligraphy carved in many places!

Although widely heard when the mosque was built Tiban genie soldiers, the mosque was in fact the original was made by the students. But not a few curious travelers and eventually come to this mosque. Are you one of them?