Quito - Imagine the Andes Mountains and the Amazon River . Ecuador offers a superb rafting experience at the Rio Upano is nicknamed ' the Sacred River Falls ' . You can meet the human head hunter tribe .

Rio Upano river in the province of Morona - Santiago in Ecuador . It is a dense forest area , with water rushing from the Andes Mountains . Rugged terrain makes the Spanish conquistadors first difficulty penetrating this region .

One provider that offers rafting on the Rio Upano is Row Adventures . From its original site when viewed on Thursday ( 09/19/2013 ) Rio River offers rafting Upano level 2-4 , which means the intermediate level . But not only that , in the river there are great waterfalls , lush rainforest scenery and experience meet native Ecuador .

Here it is exciting - exciting thrilling . This native of the tribe Shaur , they are known as ' Head Hunters of the Amazon ' . Previously they had a practice of shrinking heads of their enemies who had beheaded a small size . Hiiii !

However , although they are still preserved culture , the practice is not done anymore . They've got the influence of the missionaries and their lives are more modern .

Travelers who are interested in adventure rafting on the Rio Upano be flown from the City of Quito to the small town of Macas . It is a starting point to wild rafting Ecuador . In the woods , we can see hornbill , stork , Amazon parrots and a variety of beautiful butterflies .

Along the way , travelers will find the high canyon with a very large waterfall . Rumbling waterfalls will be blaring , because there was no one else there , besides you .

From there , tourists will be invited to visit the Shuar tribe settlements . They live in a traditional house with woven palm near the river . We can learn how their culture and how they live in the middle of the Amazon jungle . Intrigued by how they shrink a human head ? Just ask directly the Shuar tribe .

After rafting for 4 days in Rio Upano , holiday travelers will be close to the city of Cuenca with both . This is a charming colonial town . There is the rest of the Spanish colonization in the form of churches , museums , parks by the river , art shops and others.

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