San Francisco - In addition to visiting the museums and amusement parks, parks in various cities in different parts of the world also shall go traveler. Adventure is not complete if you have not visited the 6 most beautiful urban parks worldwide.

Function of city parks in 6 countries varied, began making green space in the middle of skyscraper buildings, to showcase the world-class art on garden design. Visiting in Travel Leisure, Thursday (09/05/2013), the following six most beautiful city parks in the world that you must visit:

1. Golden Gate Park, USA

Park with an area of ​​over 1,000 hectares is to bring some 13 million visitors each year. No wonder because San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, the U.S. has cultural attractions such as the De Young Museum and the beautiful Japanese Tea Garden and the Conservatory of Flowers.

2. Keukenhof, Netherlands

Plan a time when it comes to visiting the Keukenhof in Lisse, Netherlands. The flowers in this garden and grow beautiful blooms only during just eight weeks each year. You can see the tulips and daffodils bloom between mid-March and mid-May

3. Namba Parks, Japan

Namba Parks was opened in 2003 and occupies eight levels among 30 levels of office buildings and malls. Adjacent to the train station Namba, this park makes traveler was impressed upon arriving at Namba. In the park there are terraces, canyons, vegetable garden, even a waterfall.

4. Central Park, U.S.

Central Park is a park in the City of New York, the United States whose name is known worldwide. New Yorker and tourists often spend time here. Green garden is often the location of filming, one of the movie The Avengers. Travelers can enjoy a picnic and bike ride in the park.

5. Mount Faber Park, Singapore

Who says Singapore does not have mountains? Even at Mount Faber Park there is a park with stunning scenery. Of Mount Faber Park, a traveler can see the harbor Keppel Harbour and the southern part of Singapore.

6. Lumpini Park, Thailand

Being in the middle of the business district is chaotic, there Lumpini Park in Bangkok, Thailand. Travelers can start the morning with a view or participate with local residents to exercise Tai Chi. Then you can take a walk, rent a boat, as well as local snack food, pad thai.