Jeju City - Jeju Love Land park is definitely not suitable for a picnic with family. Park on Jeju Island, South Korea is indeed adults. There are more than 140 statues erotic posing in it.

This is a special park tourists 18 years and over. Jeju Love Land, which opened in November 2004, has a collection of erotic sculptures which certainly artistic merit. Citing South Korean tourism official website on Thursday (09/05/2013), Jeju Love Land had more than 140 sculptures scattered in the park and gallery. Not only humans, but also sculptures of animals like dogs!

Jeju Love Land is located on the island of Jeju. From Jeju International Airport, tourists need only 10 minutes away by bus to Chuksanjinheungwon and down in Dokkabi Road. For those of you who traveled with the kids, do not worry, there are special play area for the children do not go into this erotic park.

Is a group of artists from Hongik University, which makes Jeju Love Land. The concept is 'eroticism and sensual', it's no wonder his art was made ​​gaping mouth. Entering the park area, tourists are greeted statue kissing young people.

It took about 30-40 minutes to drive around the park of 40,000 m2. Although the weather on Jeju Island tend to be hot, the park is filled with shady trees complete with benches. In some corner of the park, there are benches that can be a place to relax with friends.

In addition to hundreds of statues, Jeju Love Land also got some props. The goal, of course, to support its sex education in South Korea. Shhh, Jeju Love Land often the venue for the event so you know mate search!

Jeju Love Land is opened each day, starting at 09.00-24.00 local time. In addition to the art galleries, the park also has an outdoor cafe and a romantic restaurant in the glass building. 9,000 Won admission prices