Sydney - If there are friends or relatives who go abroad, would you expect them to return home with an interesting souvenir. Unfortunately, often the souvenir brought not match expectations.

Some gift giving friends or relatives so impressed the market, bad or boring. Yes, not only you who have this problem.

News from Australia, Thursday (05/09/2013) travel website Skyscanner conducted a survey of the Australian traveler. As a result, they have bad taste in buying souvenirs.

This gift either for yourself or given to friends and relatives. Nearly 25 percent of respondents said they were given souvenir objects are already the market.

17 Percent of respondents most annoyed given souvenir clothing including souvenirs bearing the Bir Bintang Indonesia. 9 Percent of respondents also mentioned T-Shirt themed humor as one unwelcome souvenir.

From the survey it is also known that 50 percent of people given the gift store to appreciate the giver. While a fifth person giving the gift to someone else, and 12 percent of people given the gift discard.

Skyscanner spokesman, Dave Boyte said, the important rule is to avoid buying gift buying ornaments or clothing that has been a cliche and the market. Most likely, the goods supplied again to someone else or returned.

Want to know the 10 souvenir that people are bored to accept, it's the list:

1. displays
2. T-shirt humor
3. cheap jewelry
4. keychains
5. magnet
6. food
7. Glass snow ball
8. pirated DVDs
9. local drinks
10. Toys of airline