Fresno - Imagining could sit in the middle of the city park with the outdoors is common. But what about the park in the underground? All the traveler can experience yourself in Forestiere Underground Gardens, USA.

The park's unique and unusual tourist can find in Fresno, California USA. Its existence was not without cause. It began from the idea of ​​an immigrant from Sicily, Baldasare Forestiere.

The idea started when he knew catacombs, the underground cemetery in Rome. Forestiere also admire the architecture catacombs. He then created a garden in the basement.

Not like that tend to be dark catacombs, the underground park is designed to remain bright. Despite the occasional bit of light entering aka dim, you can still clearly see there.

Interestingly, Forestiere make this park only with farm tools. He uses shovel, wheelbarrow, and other farm implements.

I wonder if the process takes up to tens of years. Dilongok of the site Underground Gardens, Thursday (05/09/2013) Forestiere spent 40 years, from the year 1906 to 1946.

Similar to the catacombs, artificial Forestiere underground gardens created by some space. Overall, the park is formed underground complex, which is connected with hallways.

Go inside, tourists can see some of the basement structures that exist in the park. There are 3 floors and rooms and a connecting road, with a bed and a cold summer.

Forestiere also planting different varieties of plants. Some of them are fruit trees, such as citrus, grapes, and much more.

Just like other parks, underground park is also filled by a variety of plant species. Even some of them have more than 100 years old. All of these plants can still survive thanks to a garden structure that can protect against hot and cold weather.