Fort Pierce - Coral reefs and fish is look for the diver when diving. But, finding the Spanish treasure amounting to Rp 3.4 billion more when diving, is a unique event that is extremely rare.

As reported by the Australian News, Thursday (09/05/2013) extraordinary luck treasure seeker family came from Florida last week. They found the gold coins and jewelry were buried for hundreds of years on the ocean floor.

"It's like the end of a dream," said Rick Schmitt told Sun Sentine 1.

Schmitt family find gold chain along the 20 meter, 5 coin and a ring in Fort Pierce, at a depth of 5 meters below sea level. Reportedly, the treasure came from a Spanish ship that sank due to a storm in Florida about 300 years ago. The incident claimed 1,000 lives and treasure sank more than Rp 4.5 trillion to the seabed.

Most of these treasures were evacuated shortly after the incident, but believe there are billions rupah undiscovered. Treasure seekers licensed, Brent Brisben, has found 51 coins worth USD 2.7 billion in the last few months.

The story of the shipwreck inspired the 2008 romantic comedy, Fool's Gold. The film, starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughy was told about buried treasure quest.

The luck factor is indeed a very important role, it takes many years of searching before finally finding valuables. Schmitt family itself is a seasonal divers, who had only found old junk, before finally finding treasure in an incredible amount of it.