Imagine the thrill of a trip when you are met with a variety of cute and adorable animals such as pandas or koalas. Want to feel it directly? Just come to the following 8th place.

seen from CNN Travel, Wednesday (08/21/2013) is 8 points meet cute animals in the world:

1. South America

Know sloth? It is a mammal whose entire body filled with long hair. Typically, they live in the rain forests of South America.

In addition to the closed body meaty thick hair, adorable sloth because of his behavior. The very slow moving mammals. Even not a few who said he was lazy, pelannya was so moving.

2. Africa

See the big hippo may be used, but what about the pygmy hippopotamus. Little man, with a ruddy complexion looks funny when you're wet. Dealing directly with them is guaranteed to make you feel passionately.

If you want to see the hippos live, traveler can come to the African region. No need to worry, though large hippopotamus in the category of dangerous animals, pygmy hippos totally harmless.

3. Southeast Asia

Well, this one is adorable animals you can see in Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia, the slow loris or lemur. Eyes large, stocky body, and a slow motion slow loris make very interesting.

4. Australia

Australia also had a funny animal, the koala. Usually, the most fun when the animal is posing, hugging trees, with innocent expression. But be careful, koalas are not as funny as one might imagine. He has claws are pretty sharp.

5. China

In addition to the giant panda, the Bamboo Curtain country also has other animals that are also funny, the red panda. So named because this animal has a red color. Just do not think the same shape as the panda. Red panda more like raccoons just red.

6. Indonesia

Petite and striped with bright-colored body, so the main attraction clown fish. Travelers who like snorkeling or diving in the waters of Indonesia, would have been unusual to find it. One word for this fish, funny!

7. Peru

Alpaca is a sheep like animal with thick hair. Typically, their hair cut to be used as a coat or sweater. In Peru, there are many tourists surprising alpaca roam, especially at Machu Picchu. Do not be surprised if suddenly there appeared with the alpaca innocent face when you snapped the camera.

8. Canada

Cold temperature, Canada has polar seals very cute and adorable, the harp seal. As with other arctic animals, harp seals have white hair covered body. Big eyes and innocent face make her look so adorable.