Mount Padang

Andesitic rocks are still scattered on Mount Padang, Cianjur. These stones are the unsolved mystery of a relic of the past. Try traveling there, who knows you can break the secret. 

Try to imagine yourself as a movie Nicolas Cage in National Treasure. When it comes to Mount Padang and see a jumble of large rocks andesite, surely you can see the symbols would have been scattered and waiting to be collected, disclosed and resolved. Symbols it is the code of the past left behind by humans Nusantara Indonesia could become the face of the Old. 

Indonesia is known to kayak past history, where many historic relics that can be found in various regions. One is the site of Mount Padang, which is the largest megalithic site in Southeast Asia. It is also a proof of nobility Indonesian people, especially the people of Sunda. 

Padang is located in the mountain village of Karya Mukti, District Campaka Cianjur, discovered in 1914 by Dutch historian named NJ Krom. Based on one of the online media that I read, Gunung Padang in Sundanese means Caang or bright. There is also interpreted that the field is derived from the Pa (place), Da (grand) and Hyang (gods, ancestors) so that means it is the great place of the gods or ancestors. 

Other information that I get, site of Mount Padang is the largest megalithic site in Southeast Asia. It is a proof of nobility Indonesian people, especially Sundanese people. Just imagine if it was built in 2000 BC, then it could be a contemporary of the Prophet Moses and Pharaoh, and Pharaoh when Moses was preaching in order to worship God, a group of people far away and not terberitakan in the scriptures is to build a place that was allegedly a place peribadatan. 

For what is built? Who built? Why was built in that location? Of any building material and building just about anything? That's part of the mystery of Mount Padang. Location of the court made five 2000 years BC means before Borobudur was built 2800 years established. 

Great is not it? In fact, according to some sources site of Mount Padang is 3 times larger than Borobudur. 

Gunung Padang born of wisdom and excellence Nusantara communities. Construction of Mount Padang very concerned various aspects in order to achieve harmony of earth and sky, meaning the construction site of Mount Padang notice geological aspects. Other media never mentions that the construction site is primarily bottom terrace was very concerned about this area instability problem by arranging stone columns horizontally and overlapping stacking for reinforcement. 

In conjunction with worship, these sites can be built for the intention that man away from earthquake or volcanic source which is not far from Mount Padang. Media reports also said that the astronomical site of Mount Padang have harmony in the shadow of the stars in the sky. 

Analysis using the program Planetarium astronomy shows that the position of the site in about 200 years ago or in prehistoric times were right in the middle of the track stars in the sky in the form of solid lines and the location of the Milky Way was the site of Mount Padang at the top and bottom of each skyline escorted by two constellations that are ruling the world under the Earth that is the constellation Serpens (the snake) and the upper world (heaven) is the constellation Aquila (the eagle). 

Cosmological this site builders have noticed the sky above procedure. It turns out this model calculation is also used in megalithic sites around the world. It means it is the ancestral archipelago smart people and very understanding scientific developments unusually high. Once again that's the face of the Ancient Archipelago, Indonesia faces us.

Now, realize that we are a nation who have earned a priceless cultural heritage. National identity. It is thus actually Gunung Padang is a gift from the past. So let's explore and absorb the majesty of Mount Padang.