In fact, Taiwan is now more friendly to Muslim tourists. Over the last 2 years, it's been a lot of mosques and halal restaurants in Taiwan. In each of the hotel was already provided Qibla directions. Alhamdulillah! 

Taiwan Tourism would like to increase the tourist arrivals, one from Indonesia. Not surprisingly, Taiwan is now complete tourist area with many tourist facilities for ease of Muslim worship. 

Director of Taiwan Tourism Bureau Kuala Lumpur, Tony Wu said Taiwan is preparing it. Street lighting direction boards which are usually written in a local language, there are now equipped with the English language to facilitate tourists. For Muslim tourists, many mosques and halal restaurants. 

"We are now also beginning to provide information Qiblah direction in several hotels in the city center. Halal There are 40 restaurants and six mosques in Taipei," said Tony Wu in Taiwan tourism product exhibition in 2013 at Grand City Mall Surabaya, Friday (05/31/2013) . 

Tony also did not want to be half-half on the label halal food in the restaurant 40. There are special requirements to get a halal label. 

"There are terms and conditions to get halal certification. Several restaurant owners have also begun to understand it," he said again. 

This effort not only gives special treatment to visitors. Tony admits, there are 100 thousand Muslim locals who also have their rights fulfilled. 

For 6 mosques established in Taiwan, spread over several city center. There are 2 mosques in Taipei, 1 mosque in Tao Yuan, 1 mosque in Tai Chung, 1 1 mosque in Tainan and Kaohsiung mosque. Muslim Travelers also guaranteed more comfortable when the streets of Taiwan.