During this time, foreign tourist arrivals were sounding frequent Indonesia is Malaysia or Singapore. But apparently, Indonesian tourists are also among the most frequent travel to Taiwan. 

Tourists from Indonesia is considered to be a new market Taiwan travel business. According to them, Indonesia was ranked third as most travelers come to Taiwan. 

Tony Wu, Director of Taiwan Tourism Bureau Kuala Lumpur Office said the first rank tourist arrivals to Taiwan from Malaysia. The next rank tourists from Singapore. 

"Indonesia is ranked 3rd. Many as 20 percent of tourists who traveled to Taiwan from Indonesia," said Tony Wu told reporters in Taiwan tourism product exhibition in 2013 at Grand City Mall Surabaya, Friday (31/05/2013). 

Tony does not understand how the character of tourists from Indonesia. However, as far as tourist arrivals to Taiwan, the goal average of the streets and business. 

"50:50, balanced the goal, roads and businesses," added Tony. 

Thus, the incentive to hold exhibitions Taiwan are able to absorb the masses of the various countries. For example, computer fairs and international exhibitions such as bicycles International Taipei Cycle Show, which was held some time ago. 

Although there is no exact data about the growth of the number of Indonesian tourists who come to Taiwan, Tony optimistic. The reason, some airlines such as China Airlines, Eva Airlines and Garuda Airlines in recent years has often support the Indonesian tourist arrivals to Taiwan.