Every airline in the world to have a friendly flight attendant and nimble to make the traveler feel comfortable during the flight. In addition to the flight attendants were required to look beautiful, such as the flight attendants at 10 airlines.

Travel is a flight attendant friend in the aircraft during flight. Stewardess of course synonymous with beautiful appearance.

It also would add a plus in the eyes of flight attendant traveler, besides attitude and service. Here's a countdown of the 10 most beautiful flight attendants with the airline and the 'hot':

10. Mexicana Airlines

Mexicana Airlines

Want to fly with latin girls have sensual lips and long dark hair? This is the stewardess of Mexicana Airlines. Airlines from Mexico is indeed famous for its cabin attendants are 'hot'. In fact, some of Mexicana Airlines flight attendants had their pictures taken for the calendar 2011 ago with the super sexy look and appear in Playboy.

9. Etihad


Classy and friendly, so characteristic of Etihad airline stewardess. Based in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Etihad flight attendants are actually not separated from the Middle East-style outfit. They are identical to the gray hat and white scarf at her neck.

Although the actual impression of sexy invisible directly from Etihad flight attendants, they still look beautiful and have a special attraction.

8. Emirates


Actually, the appearance of the Emirates flight attendant is not much different from the Etihad. White scarf hanging around his neck is also a hallmark of the Emirates flight attendants.

However, some admitted traveler attracted by a red hat which is always worn on Emirates flight attendants. Red hat is considered to add beauty and charm of beautiful stewardess Emirates.

7. Thai Airways

Thai Airways

Seragam warna biru dan ungu, atau hijau dan merah jadi ciri khas bagi pramugari Thai Airways. Mereka pun selalu menebar senyum kapan saja dan dengan sigap membantu Anda jika dibutuhkan. Dengan wajah Asia yang khas, pramugari Thai Airways mungkin dapat mencuri hati Anda.

6. Air France

Air France

Air France flight attendant look, you felt like seeing a beautiful model. Body slim and tall and elegant black dress is the hallmark of Air France flight attendant.

If you look at the Air France flight attendant pacing in the cabin, it was like seeing a model who was walking alone on the catwalk!

Want to know where the airline stewardess hot in the order of 5-1, wait for the next article!