Friendly flight attendants will make the traveler comfortable during the flight. Especially if pramugarinya gorgeous, definitely more comfortable traveler on the plane. Here are 10 of the most beautiful flight attendants with the airline and the 'hot'!

5. Lufthansa


Lufthansa airline flight attendants may be different from other flight attendants. As well as the clothes are all black, the cabin attendants also often wear a long dress suits and wearing an apron. If seen, it looks like a maid cafe.

Even so, the impression of a beautiful and sexy can not be separated from the Lufthansa flight attendants. Although the display in the aircraft cabin as a maid cafe, they still look elegant.

4. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines flight attendant famous for patterned clothing patterns, similar to batik. Any glamor and elegant look when they walk inside the cabin when the plane serving passengers.

Beautiful face, black hair and a sweet smile on Singapore Airlines flight attendants will make you fall asleep.

3. Cathay Pacific 

Cathay Pacific

One more airline of Asia which is famous for a beautiful stewardess, namely Cathay Pacific. Hong Kong-based airline is known for the pretty-faced oriental stewardess uniform and red. 

White skin combined with the red uniform, Cathay Pacific stewardess is gorgeous!

2. Avianova 


Perhaps, you've never heard of this airline. Avianova is a budget airline from Russia and is famous for the sexy stewardess. Do not believe? In 2010, the airline display ads in a bikini with the cabin attendants and aircraft wash scenes. 

Therefore, the impression could not be separated from the sexy stewardess Avianova. Pramugarinya faces East European style, might make you not want to get out of the plane!

1. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic stewardess touted as the most beautiful and most pamugari 'hot' in the world. Blonde hair, tall stature, and friendly demeanor makes Virgin Atlantic flight attendant becomes a traveler's delight friends during flight.

Not only that, Vigin Atlantic flight attendant uniform also looks tempting.  Red uniform, and also given a red lipstick lips, might not make you blink while passing her!