The Impossible City Dubai has so many spectacular breakthrough to make the city attractive. With all the development, there are still things that are not yet known travelers. What is it?

In addition to building a cool city, it turns out Dubai in the UAE also has unique things and not much is known travelers.

1. There are no street names

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Do you believe, Dubai does not have street names. Yes, this may be confusing the traveler who wants to get around the city. Then, how to know the direction?

Most people would describe a map to explain the directions on the map. Map issued by the Dubai tourism department also clear enough to be used as a handle when around town. If you want to send a letter to a friend in Dubai, your letter will be sent to PO Box.

2. Recreation parks 171 km2

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Dubai had planned amusement park since 2008. The park is named Dubailand is truly great about the size of 171 km2. The park is scheduled to be completed in 2015 will include a variety of areas such as the garden of the world, sports park and other woods.

Inside there is even a replica Dubailand Taj Mahal which will be filled by the hotel and shops. This replica is expected to be the place to get married.

3. Independence Day December 2

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Just a few days ago Dubai celebrated their independence. Dated December 2, 1971 is the official day split with Britain and the UAE has become a marker of their independence day.

4. Hotel complete with channels in it

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Mall with the ski resort may have known traveler. But no more, no less splashy attractions. Is the Madinat Jumeirah, which has two spacious resort hotel, 29 homes and 40 top summer.

In the resort there is also complete with a canal boat for tourists. You will feel're in Venice.

5. The world's largest airport terminal

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Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport is the largest terminal in the world. Inside the terminal, not just a waiting room, but there are a lot of facilities.

Imagine, in the terminal you can see the hotel, the Apple Store, and a variety of other cool shops. In fact, there are two lush green gardens that will make passengers forget himself was at the airport.

6. Most expensive hotel rooms in the world

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Prepare the money about USD 200 million if it wants to stay at the Burj Al Arab in the cheapest room. Because the price per night for a luxurious hotel room is USD 259 million. How not, this spacious room just two floors.

Coupled with the luxury stair lifts and specially for you. The room decor is so magnificent mostly covered with marble and gold. Wow!