Many animal-inspired festival. There is adored animals, there is also what makes animals so it actually looks funny. 5 This is the most strange animal festivals worldwide.

1. Tunarama Festival, Australia

Tunarama Festival, Australia

Normally, tuna cooked to be eaten, but not in this one festival. Port Lincoln Tunarama Festival held at Foreshore Beach, Port Lincoln, Australia's tuna toss to race. Later, the participants will throw a tuna weighing 8-10 kg.

The trick, hold the fish and then rotated and then thrown. Farthest throwers will be the winner. The festival lasts for 4 days. Next year, the event took place from 24-27 January 2014. In addition to throwing tuna, there are also food stalls and a variety of other interesting events.

2. Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand

Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand

In Lopburi, north of Bangkok, monkeys have a pleasant life. Because, there are festivals that offer food for animals as this one. Each year, held the Monkey Buffet Festival. About 2,000 monkeys are free to enjoy the fruits and vegetables that is held by local residents.

Although quite strange, the festival attracts many tourists. Most of the traveler who wants to hunt for unique photos will come to Monkey Buffet Festival.

3. Pig Festival, France

Pig Festival, France

There are funny in the Pyrenees, France. Every second Sunday in August, there Pig Pig Festival or Festival. History is initially Pyrenees town had been once the largest pig producer in France. No wonder the city's many shops selling pork or pork themed restaurant.

Then, they invented this festival. Interestingly, many activities associated with pigs. Ranging from black pudding eating contest at the most up to sound like a pig race. Funny thing is, the contestants sound like a pig is not just squealed, but demonstrate the diverse sounds of pigs.

4. Golden Shears, New Zealand

Golden Shears, New Zealand

For those of you who are good at shaving, it could not hurt to follow the festival on this one. Golden Shears is a festival to be cut fleece wool. The festival is held every year in Masterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand.

The festival lasts for three days and held a variety of classes shearing. Starting from the classes beginner to professional. Next year, the festival will be held on February 27-March 1, 2014. Interested in participating?

5. Rayne Frog Festival, USA

Rayne Frog Festival, USA

Already Imagined what it would be the star of the show Rayne Frog Festival? Frog course. The annual festival in Rayne, Louisiana, USA presents a variety of activities related to the frog.

The festival is usually held in November will feature a frog jumping contest, conducted by native frogs of course. In addition, there is also a costume contest for the frog. While enjoying a variety of events, visitors will also be entertained by the game from a local band. Each must be a culinary festival, including this one. However, food is not made ​​of frogs.