Mount Sinai

For history enthusiasts, Egypt holds so many important relics to Duni. You can see the Pyramids, Sphinx, to Mount Sinai laden history.

Egypt is closely related to the Pyramids and the Sphinx. There are more than 80 pyramids in Egypt. The pyramid storing mummies of kings, while the Sphinx is a lion-headed man. At night there is a show Pyramid Show, which is a laser light show and a story about the history of the pyramids. These performances ever put into one of the James Bond films. Unfortunately, tourists usually come on during the day and only stopping for photos only.

Egypt down, do not miss the old city tour of Old Cairo. There are many Orthodox churches there. The halls are fit for 2-3 people, there are many unique souvenir sellers Old City of Cairo. One of the highlights in this hallway is a seller of books and religious history, like being in Kwitang, Central Jakarta.

The other side of Egypt that is a pity if it is passed Mount Sinai. The mountain is closely related to religious history, particularly the Prophet Moses. The mountain peaks are believed to be where Moses received the Ten Commandments, or the 10 Commandments in the form of two stone tablets. At the foot of Mount Sinai Monastery of St. Catherine there, where it is believed to be where Moses saw the burning bush, as in the verse Exodus 3: 2-3.

Then the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire out of the bramble. Then he saw, and behold: the bush is lit, but no flames. Moses said, "Let me not wander there to check out the great vision. Why not burn the bush?"

The trip to the summit can use the help of a camel. It is recommended to use only camel riding alone at the time, one way, for security reasons. Climb Mount Sinai usual at midnight. Travelers are advised not to ride camels turn on the flashlight. Camels are sensitive to light. He does not need to know the street lighting. During his time at the top of Camel, can be seen the beauty of the stars.

It should be noted, tourists have to stay awake during ascent because the right side of the road is steep ravines. After traveling for about 1.5 hours, can be found in the stalls 'terminal camel'. This place sells hot drinks and boiled noodles.

Furthermore, the trip must be taken by climbing stairs, approximately 758 natural stairs. The form weaved with different steepness. Be careful in this place there Beduin tribe who offered to help with the charge. Better price negotiable first if needed help to be guided up to the top. Practically, if the hike at a time when many visitors, just follow the course, do not need to use the services of the Bedouin tribe. Save money and reduce the risk of arguing with them.

The most awaited is the highlight of the Sinai sunrise. At that moment, tourists will realize that the scenery around a stone mountains and steep ravine. This is could be called Journey of Faith. Capitalize confidence and struggle to get to the top.

The trip down is no less exciting. The streets are still crowded with hikers who choose to ride the morning. Meet with people from various nations. Interestingly, tourists who fall will give support to the tourists who will go up. Exchanging information and encouragement. There are tucked together, though not know each other.

Combing Egypt, making humans can not understand. God created everything with a vengeance.