The main pool bath Taman Sari

Yogyakarta has always been a holiday destination that's fun weekend. In addition to culinary hunt, we also get to see the palace princess bathing. Curious? 

Been to Sultan Palace is not complete if you do not visit the site baths princess. This place called Taman Sari Water Castle or often called. 

Taman Sari building has an area of ​​about 10 acres, consisting of hallways and bathing pool water. Located in the middle of the residential area, Taman Sari can be accessed freely by visitors to parts of the squares. However, we have to pay to get into the pool. 

That said, the hall was built for the place of worship. This is because there is a place for priests when performing ablution and prayer. In the middle of the hallway there are 5 steps. According to the guide, this ladder is like the 5 pillars of Islam. 5th stairs leading upwards symbolizes the pilgrimage. 

Bath and hallway distance of about 500 meters of places of worship. Travelers can reach it on foot. As for the entry to the location of the baths, free local tourist entrance fee of Rp 8 thousand / person. 

At the gate there are four baths are considered sacred places. Travelers can find out by the offerings in each room. Travelers can also go up to the top of the entrance tower to see the area around the Taman Sari. 

Be entered again, tourists can find 4 small cabins similar homes in the future. Walk to the door again and there are stairs down. From there look stunning pool with turquoise colored water combined with the old buildings stood firm. There are two ponds in this building. 

If walking to the rear of the building, you will find no less magnificent building. However, because the weather is cloudy already can not bear to launch the rain, so I only had time to take pictures without further explored. Do not miss the garden sari if you are visiting Yogyakarta.

solid old building reputedly stands where the sultan watched her daughter who was in the shower

gate baths Taman Sari