Taipei 101 at Taipei, Taiwan

When travel to a city or a country, there are landmarks and attractions that should not be missed because it became an icon of the place. In Taiwan, there are four places visit tourist traveler mandatory. What is it? 

In a press conference the opportunity Taiwan Travel Products Exhibition 2013 in the Grand City Mall Surabaya, Friday (05/31/2013), Director of Taiwan Tourism Bureau Kuala Lumpur Office, Tony Wu revealed four major tourist destinations in Taiwan: 

1. Taipei 101 

One of the major tourist destinations in Taiwan is Taipei 101. Building a 101-storey tower known as the Taipei World Financial Center building located in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan. This is the second tallest building in the world after the Burj Khalifa. 

The architecture of this building is quite artistic, the result of the evolution of modern and classic side of Asia. In certain moments, buildings designed to withstand the brunt of hurricanes and earthquakes is decorated with fireworks entertainment. No wonder when used as landmark Taipei 101 Taiwan. 

2. Mount Alishan 

This mountain is the leading tourist sites are located in Chiayi county in central Taiwan. There is much beauty in this location, one Alishan Mountain Railway or Railway Mount Alishan Forest. This is one of the three remaining mountain trains in the world today. The other two are in Darjeling in India and the Semmering Railway in Austria. 

Mount Alishan train an ancient diesel train in the colonial era. During the train journey, we will penetrate the mountains and forests of Alishan are wild but beautiful foggy. The train journey will take us from a height of approximately 20 meters above sea level to the city of Chiayi Alishan is located at an altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level. 

3. Sun Moon Lake 

Suitable time to visit Sun Moon Lake this time when it was morning or late evening. You can rent a boat to enjoy the sunshine that broke across the sky lake. 

Sun Moon Lake or which means the Sun Moon Lake is the largest lake in Taiwan. The lake is located in Nantou province. Around the lake there is also an old temple namely former Japanese occupation period Wenwu Temple. 

4. Taiwan Film and TV Town 

Travelers almost never forget to capture the moment in every location, right? Well, the location of Taiwan Film and TV Town it will be very indulgent narcissistic pastime tourists. Besides having historical spots, the local tourism office also provides clothing and traditional trinkets Taiwan for rent. 

"This location is usually used for filming. But, now we maximize this location as well as studio photos. Travelers can take pictures here. Also there is the traditional dress rental Taiwan for tourist keepsakes been to Taiwan," said Tony.

Trains at Mount Alishan

Sun Moon Lake