London - Discount will be very frustrating if you lose your luggage on the trip. It turns out a sex toy and a traveler's belongings berlianlah most often lost at the airport in London. 

Reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (05/31/2013), the objects that are often forgotten and lost by a careless traveler include diamonds and trips checkbook. The most surprising of all the stuff left is cash of 50,000 pounds (USD 746 million)! 

There is another traveler who forgot to put her things while in the Docklands Airport, London. Among her possessions was another sex toy, designer luxury watches, eyeglasses, and dentures. 

Parties to the airport this luxury goods put into the missing items to be delivered to the felt loss. Darren Grover, head of airport operations said City of London is popular for business travelers and celebrities. So a lot of valuables left in the departure lounge. 

"I think people are leaving just 50,000 pounds must have been crazy," said Grover. 

Not surprisingly, a large amount of money is returned to its owner. However there are a few forgotten items that are difficult to be returned to its owner. 

"Money is 50,000 pounds claimed owner, but the owner never claimed dentures goods," said Grover. 

Grover also advised travelers to be careful when walking around. Travelers are asked to come to the security search for lost items. 

One of the things that proved easily be returned to its owner is left sporting achievement award by the British Olympic athlete. This is because the name on the award that can be quickly returned to their owners. 

The number of items left behind proves how careless traveler who forget valuable items. In addition to diamond and a sex toy, most other items are often left behind, among others, belts, clothing and mobile phones. Car keys, laptop and shoes were left well enough.