Ko Samui - Thailand has a variety of well-known monastery with beautiful scenery and magnificent. In one viharanya, no mummy monks who wear sunglasses. This is his story.

A monk Luang Pho Dang died at the age of 79 years. In his last breath, he was meditating, sitting cross-legged is commonly called the lotus style. Since it is considered dead in a state of purity, it became mummified monk.

20 Years later, the mummy is still awake condition, thus beheld from Atlas Obscura, Friday (05/31/2013). The mummified monk sheltered translucent glass.

Which makes it different from other mummies not only because it was not bandaged, but also for wearing sunglasses. Certainly not for style. These sunglasses have their own goals.

The monk who was there agreed to put on sunglasses to the mummy. With the aim of making the mummy is not disturbed by visitors who came, as well as children who may be noisy.

You can see for yourself the appearance of a mummy monk with sunglasses at Wat Temple Khunaram, Ko Samui Island, Thailand. Curious?