Daejeon - When calling South Korea may be the first thought is the City of Seoul. However, about an hour's drive from Seoul, there is the fifth largest city in the State Ginseng exciting named Daejeon. No less cool, you know! 

Daejeon appeal is because the city is known as a place with high technology. Understandably here there are many well-known universities and research a variety of places. His nickname is IT'S Daejeon which stands Interesting (interesting), Tradition (tradition) and Culture (culture), Science and Technology (Science and Technology). 

Daejeon has a population of more than 1.5 million people. Many people who own a car but traffic jams are rare. Although it was raining or home office hours, the streets quite relieved to be passed. 

We try to feel the pulse of life Daejon on Tuesday (28/05/2013). In one area of ​​the shopping center, Galeria Time World, Seo-gu, Daejon so crowded in the evening. 

Various shops around the location of the win over consumers by offering discounts and special prices. For example, the usual nail polish is sold at Rp 15 thousand, the night was sold at Rp 7,500. Some perfumes are also sold at a discount charming. 

Although late at night and not getting a weekend night, but did not lose surging Daejeon. Bars and coffee shops are mushrooming around Time World full of visitors. They chatted over a cup of coffee a la South Korean priced around USD 40-50 thousand per cup. 

Galeria department store closed at 20:00 local time. But some small shops around the new cap when the clock struck 23:00. However, despite the crawling towards dawn, most of the shops are still open wide the door. 

The night air in Daejeon who is in late spring when it was quite piercing the skin. To add energy to walk around and drive out the cold, we tried the typical Korean snack, topokki, which are sold at roadside stalls. Rp 20 thousand to bowl topokki. Rice cakes flavored spicy sauce is indeed there in Jakarta, but of course can only be enjoyed in the restaurant mall. 

Besides topokki, also sold well and some sort of fried chicken satay. Gorengannya not know the content or tempeh fried, but the fried shrimp, fried potatoes with flour, fried and even chili powder. 

If you happen to be in South Korea, there is no harm in setting foot in Daejeon. In the city, you can visit the only museum of geology in Korea. There is presented the history of the Earth, geological structures and rocks, humans and geology, as well as the environment and geology. 

There is also Galma which is the site of the old time rock, new rock, and bronze. Everything is excavated in one place for the first time in Korea. 

Another place that can be visited is located in Park Yurim front Yuseong District Office. This park featuring beauty through harmonization of flowers, trees, pavilions, and lakes. Enjoy the beauty of the sakura, Chionatus retusa, gingko trees, and metasequoia a pity to miss. 

If you are interested in outer space, can visit the Daejeon Observatory. This is the only place that is open to public observation. Visitors can watch the sun during the day, the planets, moons, nebulae, and galaxies in the night.