Now a traveling backpacker style is loved by many young people. Cheap traveling costs so choice. This is the 15 countries in the world for cheap backpacker. Indonesia including you know!

Dilongok of Traveler Tips, Thursday (05/29/2013) adalh following 15 countries in the world that are considered cheap and suitable for backpackers, arranged by continent:


1. Indonesia

In Asia, Indonesia was ranked first as a cheap country for backpackers. According to this website, a traveler who came to Indonesia could come to a lot of tropical rain forests.

Not only that, Indonesia also recognized to have many interesting places that do not have to spend a lot of money. Some of these places include Harau Valley, the island of Sumba, and Lampung. In Lampung, tourists can see the usual tracks traversed elephant.

2. Turkey

Other destinations in Asia are also attractive and inexpensive for backpacker is Turkish. There are many parks and historic sites there. For roving Turkey, traveler only need to spend money on less than USD 35 (USD 343 thousand) / day.

3. India

Venturing around the Indian did not need to spend a lot of money. There are many cheap hotels there. About eating well does not have to worry. India has many places to eat in the street would be easy and certainly cheaper.

4. Thailand

Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is also entered as a cheap destination for backpackers. Traveling there, you can visit many temples in the city of Bangkok with a little spending money.

Not only that, Thailand also sell food at cheap prices. There are many small food stalls and restaurants selling delicious food at affordable prices.


5. Peru

Starting from Lima, capital of Peru, you can find a cheap sightseeing tour. You can see many beautiful beaches without fear worry about the budget.

6. Costa Rica

Hiking the national parks in Costa Rica can add to your experience as a backpacker. Travelers can see volcanoes, lakes, and Caribbean cultures. Tourists can also see many exotic animals and a lot of interesting places to spend money only USD 50 (USD 490 thousand) / day.

7. Argentina

Look at the beautiful lakes and glaciers in Argentina just to take the money of at least USD 50 (USD 490 thousand) / day. This place is also crowded as the night. You can dance and dinner at a restaurant or nightclub with a cheap price.


8. Poland

Who says traveling to Europe will spend so much money? In fact, there are also countries in Europe is pretty cheap for the traveler, namely Poland.

Compared to other countries in Europe, Poland offers a cheap cost of living for the backpacker. It is especially for lodging and culinary. You can go around the city and visit the many castles with a budget of USD 30 (USD 294 thousand) / day.

9. Georgia

Other countries in Europe are perfect for backpackers is Georgia. Located in Southern Europe, this country has a lot of the old town and the church.

This country has a lot of culture and become one of the many backpacker favorite. There, the traveler can see a lot of town and natural beauty just by issuing budgets ranging from USD 30-40 (USD 294-392 thousand) / day.

10. Ireland

Another beautiful place suitable for a backpacker is Irish. This country has a perfect view of the ocean can be. Not only that, the traveler can walk around City of Dublin, the capital of the state. Do not forget to taste the delicious typical Irish food at an affordable price.

11. Albania

Albania is the best solution for tourists who want to get around Greece or Italy, but snagged budget. You can see a lot of beautiful architecture and know a lot about European culture at a bargain price.


12. Uganda

Africa is famous for its wild animal diverse savanna. In Uganda, you can see a variety of exotic animals and a lot of natural beauty, just by spending U.S. $ 50-80 (USD 490-785 thousand) / day.

13. Ethiopia

One of the prettiest places in the world that could backpacker visit. Only by spending money under USD 100 (USD 981 thousand) / day, tourists can already feel the fun of the streets in the quiet beach and forest.


14. Australia

Backpackers who want to see rare animals and friendly to humans, can go around in various states of Australia. Even more fun, food and lodging there you can get only with money worth USD 30 (USD 294 thousand) / day.

15. New Zealand

Australia is under the map, backpacker can feel unforgettable experience in New Zealand. Travelers can see a variety of flora, fauna, and natural beauty there. Do not worry about food, because there are many reasonably priced cuisine that you can taste.