As the country's capital, Jakarta, was also attractive to European tourists. But not only that, there are 4 other cities in Indonesia, which is the favorite European tourist. What are ya?

"Jakarta is the biggest market in Indonesia. Usually the Europeans to Jakarta on business," said Country Manager Indonesia Lufthansa, Leo Tonidandel after a press conference Media Briefing Lufthansa at Poste Kitchen & Bar, East Building, Jl Dr Ide General Children Gde Agung, No. 1 , Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, Monday (29/05/2013).

But according Tonidandel, Jakarta is not the only exciting city in Indonesia. There's more interesting cities to visit other European tourists, especially the use airline Lufthansa.

"Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Medan and Balikpapan in the Top 5 destinations in Indonesia," said Tonidandel.

Semarang, further Tonidandel, will also be a favorite city for the traveler from Europe. Similarly, Bandung, Bandung's just still less than the prestige of the city included in the Top 5.

"Currently, there are destinations that will evolve and we want to introduce to European tourists, such as Yogyakarta, Solo, Sulawesi and Bali," he added.

Has a natural beauty, Lombok Tonidandel apparently also regarded as a good destination to be marketed in Europe in particular of the backpacker. Lufthansa European traveler would want to make it easier to get to these destinations.

"Lombok, Papua, Flores is a great place to visit, this is a market that's great for the backpacker. Mempasarkan So we want to be, and the easier the traveler who wants to go through these routes we," closed Tonidandel