Vocalist of The Beatles, John Lennon, apparently had the effect to the corner of the City of Prague, Czech Republic. There is no Lennon Wall, wall to witness violence, demonstrations, and eventually become a symbol of peace.

John Lennon was born in Liverpool in 1940 and died in New York in 1980. Even so, the influence of the Beatles is spread to different parts of the world. No exception Prague, capital of Czech Republic.

Lennon is influential figure for young children at the time the City of Prague. When Gustav Husak regime in power, western songs should not be played at all. Quite often local musicians who were jailed due to play western tunes.

The wall was located right in front of the French embassy, in the Grand Priory Square. Quoting the Lonely Planet website on Wednesday (05/29/2013), the first Lennon faces painted shortly after his death on December 8, 1980.

Young children then wrote a variety of grievances against the government, led to riots in 1988 between students and local police near the Charles Bridge. Ironically, the current Czech government had called this movement as 'Lennonisme'.

Responding to the wall contains the complaints, the government did not stay silent Prague. They painted the Lennon Wall, eliminating the large portrait. But the next day, the back wall full of poems and flowers. Since then Lennon Wall repainted several times, but always the same thing happened the next day.

Now, Lennon Wall became the symbol of love and peace to young people of Prague. Despite not being in a crowded place, not a few tourists who visit the Lennon Wall. Now the back wall filled with graffiti lyrics of various songs of The Beatles and John Lennon's famous quote.