You will not find a quiet evening while on vacation in the city of Uppsala, Sweden, precisely in the area Flogsta. Because, at 22:00 local time each will be heard shouting.

Do not be surprised when he happened to pass Flogsta region in Uppsala, Sweden at night. This area is a dormitory area of the students who study at the University of Uppsala. Well, every night, you hear the cries of these students.

Of the Atlas Obscura, Wednesday (05/29/2013), these students would yell at 22.00 local time. Cries will be heard from the windows, attic, or balconies of their rooms.

No one knows where this habit shouted. Some residents say it may have come from the cries of the stress the students who are studying for exams. Some say it is a sign to commemorate a student who committed suicide at around 1970.

However, cries every night this has become a habit. Most people who hear it for the first time will feel shocked or frightened. However, this is what makes this area so attractive. You can come and hear for yourself how loud screams of the students there, and if they cried promptly at 22.00.