Dachstein - A place with beautiful scenery that is commonly encountered. But, it is different when seen from a place that makes the heart beat.

Reporting from CNN, Wednesday (09/04/2013), the following 7 places thrilling to see the sights, including the sensation of adrenaline!

1. Stairway to Nothingness, Austria

Stairway to Nothingness visitors at Dachstein, Austria had the highest Austrian cross the bridge, with a height of 100 meters and 396 meters tall cross derivatives. Followed by 14 steps from the cliff and surrounded by walls of glass.

2. AlpspiX Viewing Platform, Germany

AlpspiX is a place that consists of two steel beams with a length of 24 meters, in the mountain Alpspitze, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. If you include people who are brave, try walking up to the tip while looking into the valley below with an altitude of 1,000 meters which is made of glass. AlpspiX remain open in the winter. There is no charge to see the sights of AlpspiX, only courage you have.

3. EdgeWalk CN Tower, Canada

CN Tower in Toronto, Canada, providing EdgeWalk, a new way for visitors to see the sights of height through a walk down the tower. Located at the CN Tower restaurant at an altitude of 356 meters, visitors can walk at the end of Canada's tallest tower with a rope. There is also a glass floor at a height of 342 feet from the ground, and sky terraces.

4. The Ledge, United States

Located in the building Willis Tower, Chicago, USA, there is a box named Ledge height made ​​of glass half-ton. The wall consists of three layers with a thickness of 1.5 cm. Visitors can see four states at once from one box. There have been many people who visit, to get married here.

5. Stegastein Lookout, Norway

Stegastein Aurlandsfjord offer splendid views of the glass barrier that lies at its end, as if you can just fall out. Norway government makes to increase the number of visits to the area. You can see the beautiful views of the Aurland area with an altitude of 609 meters. What's more, free of charge to see it.

6. Skytree Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Skytree in Tokyo, Japan, is the third tallest building in the world, with a height of 634 meters. Has two observation sites located at an altitude of 350 meters with a glass floor, and at an altitude of 450 meters with a 360 degree view. When the sunny days, you can even see Mount Fuji.

7. Matteo Thun's Viewing Platform, Italy

Artificial binocular-shaped platform architect Matteo Thun in 2005 this, you can enjoy the scenery makes Merano, Italy, from a height. Matteo binoculars located in the most beautiful park in Italy, Trauttmansdorff and offers views of the oak forest.