Lazio - A park often serves as the lungs of the city as well as places of entertainment around us . A city in Italy turned into a very beautiful garden , like being in a very romantic fairy tale world .

Visiting in The Sydney Morning Herald , Thursday ( 05/09/2013 ) , a romantic park named Ninfa This will bring you back to the 19th century . Previously , the aristocratic Caetani family took over the old town of Ninfa , which was abandoned in the Middle Ages . Now this place has turned into a very beautiful garden .

Caetani was a musician as well as Hungarian composer protégé , Frantz Liszt . His mother , an English woman named Ada Wilbraham , founder Ninfa gardens . The castle and garden areas Ninfa refurbished in the 20th century in the style of English gardens .

Inside the park , traveler can enjoy a blend of rare plants , fascinating ruins , and gurgling waterfalls . Atmosphere of the park takes visitors into the world as a typical European fairy tales .

The city once had 150 houses and seven churches . Additionally Ninfa also been a stopping place for pilgrims and merchants Roman Appian Ways path . Before becoming a park that is very artistic , Ninfa been destroyed by the war , to be abandoned due to outbreaks of malaria .

" Ninfa 's not just a garden , but also a long cultural history , " said Lauro Marchetti , head Roffredo Caetani Foundation . He manages the park which is about 70 kilometers from Rome .

In this park , there is an area called the ' chirping nightingale ' . In the evening there was a concert here naturally blend the sound of birdsong and water . Existing plants in the Ninfa consists of 1,300 kinds and from all over the world .

Some of which are rare plants such as giant Rhubarbs of Brazil , hazel plants in the Alborz Mountains of Iran and North African cedar tree . You also can see the tulips American , Japanese maples and roses with vines as high as 21 meters above the pine trees .

Ninfa Gardens to visit , you have to reservation groups. The park is only open on weekends and the first week of the third week from April to October . This park admission price of 10 euros and can be booked directly at the Palazzo Caetani . Do not forget , you can only visit with a tour group .

To reach there , you can use the train to Latina , about half an hour from Rome . Local bus service is infrequent here . However , you can also use a taxi at the rate of 12-14 Euro