Bogor - It was, not valid if you do not make a trip to Bogor to Taman Kencana and surrounding areas. Garden city built in the Dutch period is not only able to picnic and play in the park, but can also hang out in cafes around.

During the morning or evening, Taman Kencana which is not far from the Bogor Botanical Gardens might not look too crowded. But on weekends, the park will be very crowded with visitors. detikTravel some time visiting the city's parks.

Although usually only appearance, but the park is a favorite of local and out of town travelers. The problem is, this park is located in the center of the city of Bogor is easily accessible by private vehicles or public.

Playing or exercising together can be freely here, just select. There is also no less attractive alternative is hanging out at the surrounding cafes.

In front of the park, there is a row of eating places to choose from such as meatballs, chicken noodle, or chicken grilled, fried and others. But if you want to hang out fun, you can cross over from the parks.

There Macaroni Bake, Cupcake & BBQ house, apple house, we shop and much more. There are two paths that can be traced. Each path is opposite the Taman Kencana.

You can even just walk away if you want to go to these cafes. A cafe with a unique, interesting and different from other Home Cupcake & BBQ, or house Apples. If you are hungry and want a heavy meal, can come to Macaroni Bake or Shop We whose names are well-known long ago.