Sydney - Boutique hotel named 1888 Hotel in Sydney, Australia offering free stays for guests. But in any event, have a Instagram account with 10,000 followers. Want?

1888 Hotel is a new boutique hotel is a modern theme. In the hotel lobby there is an area for photos with cool background narcissistic. Almost in every corner of her room looks artistic potential in the photos.

From, Thursday (06/09/2013), this hotel offers great appeal to those who are active in social media Instagram. For anyone who has a Instagram account with some 10,000 followers, can be complimentary stay for free.

But that there are conditions, ie uploading the results stay there photos into their Instagram account. Hotel with 90 rooms is indeed a modern concept close to social media. Free room is also a way to promote their hotel in a different way and certainly interesting.

"There is always a strong relationship between traveling and photography," said Chief Executive 8Hotels, Paul Fischman.

Instagram and Twitter is a powerful medium to contain results of the traveler journey. To facilitate the traveler, the whole corner of the hotel available WiFi. Plus, each room is provided iPad that can be used to directly upload photos.

Want to stay free of charge here?