Singapore - Singapore Before having Gardens by the Bay , they already have a Chinese Garden city park . With Chinese -style landscaped gardens , Singapore wants to show that tourists do not just shopping in the land of the Merlion .

If ordinary travelers wara - Wiri in Orchard Road , guaranteed they will never hear about the Chinese Garden . Understandably , this city park is located a bit on the edge of Singapore . If you take the MRT , tourists get off at the Chinese Garden MRT Station and then proceed by foot to the back gate of the park .

detikTravel been to this place some time ago . Chinese Garden was built like a classical garden in China . Travelers passing through the red bridge as a symbol of good luck . Then can see the pagoda as high as 7 floors . Really like in China .

What's interesting is the nearby Garden of 8 Heroes , because it displays 8 famous Chinese hero . Some characters you may ever hear .

For example, there is general Guan Yu from the legendary story of Sam Kok , heroine Hua Mulan who filmed by Disney titled ' Mulan ' , and Admiral Cheng Ho or Zheng He ever came to Indonesia in the past .

Chinese Garden in the center there is a pretty lake with a number of oriental architecture building . There Stone Boat House , the building resembles a large boat . There is also Tea House Pavilion , a romantic place to drink tea by the lake . There is also the Garden Courtyard , one of the main building in the Chinese Garden .

Some parts of the park is designated for specific types of plants such as Bonsai Garden and the Japanese Garden . Do not miss the twin Pagoda in the northern and Tortoise Museum in the center .

This city park , as well as the other city parks in the world's great cities , can be enjoyed for free . Only Bonsai Garden and Museum turtles must pay to enter . New Chinese Garden of charge if the special event is being held using the park area .

If you are already familiar with the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road , Mustafa , Chinatown , Marina Bay , and various other places frequented by tourists Indonesia , Chinese Garden is highly recommended . This is the city park with the true function , as a place to escape for a moment from the dense urban areas.