The exquisite climb Mount Rinjani , has always been the target of local and foreign climbers who love nature . Undeniably, the mountain is a wonderful surprise for the save set foot there . Wah !

The cold , cool and hot I feel when a pickup truck began to enter the area of ​​Mount Rinjani National Park in Lombok Island . Sembalun Lawang village , approximately 1 hour when I was a little conversation with a young man who sat lined up with me .

The atmosphere in the pick up is pretty solid , filled with merchants with their wares . I together with my friends climbed the highest mountain in the land of Lombok .

Having reached the last village Sembalun Lawang , we perform registration and a brief rest . The five of us did the climb at 13:00 pm , using a pickup truck to the area Kalimati vegetables .

Of Kalimati started climbing on foot . Accompanied by beautiful scenery set in the mountains with elevations of 3726 meters above sea level , and the yellow grass . We went with the sure to follow track to the post 1 .

Along the way we also met with many other hikers . Understandably , when the mountain was indeed a rush of tourists both foreign and local .

Having missed the post 1 , post 2 be the team's first halfway house for the night . We set up a cook tent and chatted with fellow climbers made ​​a regular agenda every night .

On day 2, the broad expanse of prairie and bursts of sunshine in the morning makes us wonder and regret not to have stopped at this mountain . Breakfast , clean up and preserve it with a pocket camera on the agenda that is not overlooked .

After 2 of this post , we will pass the Mount Torture . Where track on this hill has a slope of nearly 70 degrees and very long .

Sun accompany our steps down the slopes of Mount Rinjani . Around 11:00 pm , until in post 3 . Later still up in the hills of torture until Plawangan Sembalun around 15:00 pm .

Sembalun Plawangan condition is very solid with the climbers with a tent . We were a little difficulty finding a place to set up camp . Beristirat night and prepare for summit attack to the summit .

At 02.00 pm on the day of the 3rd, we began to do the activity again . Hundreds of climbers flashlight and a sprinkling of stars graced the track path to the summit of the mountain . Takes about 3-4 hours to reach the top with a fairly steep path through the sand mixed with gravel stones .

Rinjani peak condition is not so wide . We then had to stand in line to be photographed at the summit . This is because the number of climbers who are very much in August .

From the peak , around the island of Lombok is not separated from the eye . Cluster of Gili Trawangan , Gili Meno and Gili Air looks very beautiful . Also inseparable Mount Agung which is located on the island of Bali adorn the top of Rinjani .

About 30 minutes in the peak , we decided to go down to Plawangan Sembalun to take a break and continued the journey to the lake Segara Puppies .

The journey to Segara Chicks takes about 5-6 hours away by climbing down a fairly steep hills and through . Got there around 17:00 pm .

Conditions there is already filled with dome tents of the climbers who had thronged the area since noon . Fishing , one of a not to be missed if you 've been here . The fish here are deliberately released and allowed to live naturally to meet the food needs of the climbers of Mount Rinjani .

In addition to the iconic lake Rinjani , you can stop by the Goa Dairy . One of the objects in TN Mount Rinjani is probably not much that expose its existence . Goa Dairy is located 1.5 km from the lake Segara Puppies . We had to down a fairly steep path down the hill for about 45 minutes .

Goa is a place of worship of Hindus and residents around Mount Rinjani . There we can find a warm waterfall coming from inside the cave is quite small . Plunge , down the cave and take pictures on the agenda shall be made ​​.

The last day on Mount Rinjani , packing and breakfast with the other climbers and ready to take the long way to the village of Senaru . Exactly at 08.00 pm we left the lake towards Plawangan Senaru .

A fairly steep uphill road we 've been through about 4-5 hours to reach Plawangan Senaru . From there we took about 6-7 hours to reach the village of Senaru is located in West Lombok .

A valuable experience , I got back in 2012 and then , allowed to enjoy as well as grateful for the grace of God one , namely the exquisite climb Mount Rinjani . This mountain has always been the target of local climbers and even abroad .

However , behind its beauty , Rinjani can still be said to be dirty and poorly maintained . Especially in the lake , still a lot of garbage and polluted lake water by the act of the climbers themselves .

Those who claim to love the environment , love the beauty of Indonesia still do things that are less commendable in the eyes of nature . Indonesia is ours , it belongs to us and the beauty of this mountain is ours too .