Sydney - Various ways to enjoy the variety of tourist destinations around the world. Such as the Australian tourists, he Traveled around the world by running for nearly 2 years.

This guy named Tom Denniss. He Began his journey with running, the New Year of 2011 in front of the Sydney Opera House. From the Telegraph, Monday (09/17/2013), his journey spent 20.5 months.

If counted, Denniss ran for 622 days and spent 17 pairs of running shoes. With his success, he also Became the fastest man in the world who travel around the world with both feet (either walking or running).

Throughout his travels around the world, Claimed Denniss had never wanted to give up. She even felt her body is stronger than ever. Perhaps, he thought, his body was Able to adapt to and are familiar with the activities of his run.

Most people speculate, after running around the world, the world will feel really great Denniss. The reality turned Out to others.

"I just Realized, how small this world as I can surround the running," he said.

He has run across the Grand Canyon, through the various cliffs, ran through Monument Valley, and also to the Andes Mountains. However, According to him, ran the most memorable was when crossing the Nullarbor in Australia. Because there, he ran with his friends and his wife.