Batu - There hangout mandatory when traveling to Batu Town, Post Ketan name. The square is located in Batu, a small stall is always full of people who ordered various types of sticky rice. You can feel it.

Ketan post is Batu Square neighborhood. Almost every day, the place is always full of people, both local residents or travelers Batu.

we were able to visit directly to Post Ketan Thursday (28/03/2013) night. At that time me and some fellow journalists deliberately visited Batu Square to look for evening snack.

From a distance, it looks long lines in front of the Post Ketan. Dozens bench provided was stuffed full of visitors. Menegok to stall, the literature indicated NPOs Ketan Legend 1967. Oh turns glutinous stall has been around since 1967.

Without a doubt I was rushed into the stall. On the inside it turns out no less crowded. Many people who stood for ordering the sticky rice.

There are various types of processed glutinous Post Ketan sold, among other glutinous milk cheese, sticky chocolate milk cheese, and glutinous serundeng. The price varies from Rp 3.000-5.000/piring.

Asked what is the most popular sticky rice, the shop steward replied "All glutinous really liked."

I had settled on a sticky milk cheese. Finished book, it turns out every buyer will be given a queue number. I also got number 67.

After holding a number, I immediately find a seat. Rather difficult to do, because nearly all visitors filled the place, and most young people with a gang of friends. Driving around long enough, eventually the place became my location and Lesbian friends await orders. Accompanied by cool breezes typical Batu Town, I began to enjoy the hustle Post Ketan. "Number 56," shouted one of the waiters who will deliver sticky. Apparently this is how they give orders. The waiters will be touring around the seat, and give orders. Ear certainly must be available in order to not miss the sticky rice.