Bored to Kuta Beach, Bali is too crowded tourist? Please try a secret beach in South Kuta, eg Pandavas Beach. White sand and seaweed fisherman looking for, this place fit to retreat from the noise of Kuta.

Pandavas beach located in the village of Kutuh, District of South Kuta, Badung regency, Bali. This beach was once known as the secret beach because it is hidden behind the hills.

Badung Government took the initiative to open up access to the beach Pandavas with splitting the hills. The road to the beach because of the Pandavas now been paved smooth.

Local tourists who come charged an entrance fee of Rp 2 thousand, while foreign tourists charged Rp 5 thousand per person. When passing the entrance booth, visitors will pass through winding roads with high cliffs fence on the right and left.

On the side of this cliff perforated and placed figures in the Five Pandavas Mahabharata story. This is the origin of why the beach in South Bali is named Pandavas.

From the top of the hill, visitors can see the beauty of the beach Pandavas with turquoise sea water. When entering into coastal areas, pristine white sand greeted visitors. The atmosphere is quiet and calm. A number of foreign tourists take advantage of the high waves at this beach for surfing.

But as a relatively new, yet neat tourist area. A number of small cottage owned by village residents Kutuh be stalls to serve visitors. Also provided dozens of benches canopied bed for visitors who want to lay down while enjoying the beach atmosphere.

Pandavas beach crowded on weekends, especially late afternoon. "It's been 2 months from its crowded," said Juntri Kutuh villagers who became seaweed farmers.

Well, instead of just enjoying the outdoors, visitors can also see the direct activity of seaweed farmers in the village of fishermen. However, the amount of seaweed farmers are now far fewer than last year.

"Now little one because a lot of the work in the villa project," he added, Sunday (06/16/2013).

Residents around the coast to work in the construction of residential villas or tourists for their income to be greater than the seaweed farmers. "Last month selling a kilo of Rp 13 thousand," he said. Farmers' income fluctuates depending on sale price is also determined by the quality of seaweed. "It used a lot now a little seaweed," said Juntri usual take kelp 2 times a month. The shrinking number of seaweed farmers are marked with empty cottage farmers to cultivate seaweed. Now more for tourists than cottage cottage food processing seaweed.