Who says Solo did not have a night market? Come to the Night Market on Jl Diponegoro Ngarsopuro every Sunday night. You can shop for souvenirs, enjoy the culinary, and meet community Solo young children there. Exciting!

Not only palace or batik village, Ngarsopuro Night Market is a place you should not miss in Solo. You can can find a lot of things there. Solo plus typical evening atmosphere, walk around there very enjoyable.

From the official site Dishubkominfo Surakarta, Thursday (20/09/2012), Ngarsopuro Night Market is located along Jalan Diponegoro which connects Jl Slamet Riyadi Mangkunegaran Complex. Remember, the night market is only open at night every Sunday only.

Area large enough to pamper tourists while visiting there. It provides a comfortable pedestrian area to pass. Prepare budget more, because you will be tempted to spend here

Traders in the market this evening is a creative merchant. So, you can find a variety of unique and interesting souvenirs at the night market to explore. There are many clothes that read 'Solo The Spirit of Java' with motives and funny pictures, typical Solo batik, miniatures, accessories, paintings, until other interesting items. The price is affordable!

In addition, at the Night Market is also used as a platform Ngarsopuro association communities. There is a community of photographers to capoeira in action there. There is also live music will entertain the tourists. Take a look at young people who showed skill Solo!

Satisfied shopping and get acquainted with new friends, it's time to fill the stomach. You can try a variety of culinary there while sitting under a tent or Lesbian. Nighttime atmosphere Solo also gives a feel that is not forgotten.

The night market is open from 17:00 to 23:00 o'clock. Visit there will give you an unforgettable experience. Solo is special every time!