Yogyakarta - You want to fill the holiday in Yogyakarta today. Do not miss the annual event Yogyakarta Art Festival (FKY). This FKY starting held on June 25-July 5, 2013.

KFY annual grand event of 2013 is now entering the age of 25, or a quarter of a century. In the implementation that has entered the Silver Jubilee, FKY Recreation theme.

This year was not held in the complex FKY Vredeburg in Malioboro area but moved to the Plaza Complex Ngasem Market, District Kraton. Ngasem Market area was once known as complex Segaran Castle, the former site of the legendary traditional bird market.

FKY publicist, Sekar Sari told reporters reveal this theme refers to two meanings. The first, Recreation/Re-create, which literally means to be creative again, be creative again, re-creating. Similarly, the word 'recreation' also means beriwisata activities, sports, play, and hobbies in order to get a refresher before heading back to the routine.

"FKY 25th this year in the hope Recreation theme, art can get closer to the people of Yogyakarta, interpreted and perceived in a simple, light and fresh," he said.

According to Sekar, FKY choose webbing as the identity of an annual event that has been aged 25 years. Matting built/formed from lungsi and feed that reinforce each other so that after so can serve as a place/container/boards.

It contains a meaning or symbolize and expects the existing potentials in Yogyakarta can work together in order to strengthen each other. Yogyakarta consists of a wide variety of identities. Variety of cultural artistic expression, from classical to contemporary.

"Yogyakarta Cultural traditions rooted it can continue to develop dynamically," he said

Sekar added during FKY Ngasem Market takes place in the complex held a variety of art activities. Some events such as Jogjakarta Video Mapping Project (JVMP).

Show video mapping using content from some prominent artists in Yogyakarta. During this FKY25 will be held 4 times in Pulo Cemeti Complex Castle, in Tugu Station on June 29, in Ivory Plengkung July 3, and in Pulo Cemeti the Castle July 5, 2013.

Furthermore, there is an open studio event which was held on June 26-July 4. This event is an event 8 studio visits to artists who live in Yogyakarta.

This is a common alternative media for students to be able to know better the lives of artists to share his artistic experience. Expected to Open Studio program, students can feel together with the activities of the artist talk artists, studio tour, and mini workshops.

The Castle cinema held on June 26-July 2. Movie or motion picture, is a blend of the various fields of art. Production of a film involves a variety of cross-disciplinary art artist.

Of fine arts, performing arts, drama, theater, photography, art, literature and other arts. Yogyakarta as a city of culture and education city has a history of cinema that can not be underestimated.

The next stage tradition, theater and music featuring a variety of arts groups that are and have grown up in Yogyakarta. Ranging from traditional to modern art, from all counties and municipalities in the province. Malmim-ja theater became one of the participants who will fill the theater stage, in addition to other groups.

In addition to literary enthusiasts, FKY committee also held a literary event for 3 days. 2 days 25 titled Romance Literature during the dates of July 2 to 3 in the courtyard of the Castle, will read 25 literary works of Yogyakarta. Then closed on July 4 with a discussion on ASDRAFI Literature Archive.

"The interesting thing is Pasare Creator. Event is opened every day from the date of June 25 to July 7 at 9:00 to 22:00. Tenant Total 66 products containing various culinary creations and art," he said.