Oxford - Many Travelers who are interested in going into the city to see the beauty of the buildings. Ranging from art to futuristic gothic architecture, the following 6 cities in the world for fans of beautiful buildings.

Reporting from CN Traveler, Tuesday (07/09/2013), the following 6 cities in the world for fans of the art of architecture:

1. Oxford, Inggris

Oxford city dubbed as "City of Dreaming Spires" aka the dream city tower. Not surprisingly, the city's borders filled sky tower that stood since medieval times.

Located in the City of Oxford, you are thrown into the city as in the past. One of the places to admire the architectural beauty gothiknya, none other than Oxford University whose name is known all over the world.

2. Tel Aviv, Israel

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tel Aviv dubbed as "the white city". There are more than 4,000 white buildings scattered throughout the city, built in 1930-1940 to accommodate Jewish immigrants.

White buildings is what makes Tel Aviv pretty as enshrined in the camera. Impression of the town's seafront is very pronounced, with the atmosphere like in the coastal cities of the Mediterranean Sea.

3. Florence, Italia

Difficult to disregard the architecture in Florence, Italy. Most of the buildings in this city Rennaisance style, although many seem symmetrical and dome hallway.

To admire the beauty of the art building, came to Florence's Duomo and the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella.

4. Barcelona, Spain

Artists such as Antoni Gaudi Barcelona City conjure into a fairyland. He made ​​a work of art through architecture buildings quirky, call it Park Guell and La Sagrada Familia.

The whole building 'Gaudinian' is filled asymmetrical lines and ornaments. Ceramics and colorful mosaic surrounds these buildings. You will find a combination of gothic art architecture, modern, oriental as well.

5. Istanbul, Turki

Istanbul is a city best suited to enjoy the art of architecture typical of Islamic dynasties. As a city that is so central to the Ottoman dynasty, Istanbul has some very beautiful buildings and full of Islamic calligraphy.

Call it the Hagia Sophia, the mosque which was once used as a church. Hagia Sophia is now a museum, while the Blue Mosque across from mosaic full of colorful and dazzling dome.

6. Dubai, UEA

Perhaps, there is no city in the world whose architecture is more futuristic than Dubai. More than 10 years later, the coastal city in the United Arab Emirates conjure themselves into the city's future.

Travelers can see the evidence through the world's tallest building Burj Khalifa. There is also a man-made island Palm Jumeirah, also 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab. Some other places are also themed futuristic, such as Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Dubai Mall which is one of the world's largest shopping mall.