Karnataka - For the traveler who has plenty of money, try to stay in one of the seven most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world. Cheapest cost is U.S. $ 2,624 per night. Facilities do not doubt! 

Reporting from Australia News, Friday (07/05/2013), there are 7 rooms most expensive and luxurious hotel in the world. Amenities, ranging from private helipad ground, bulletproof glass, to a private tropical forest. Get ready to spend in the night to get the rest of your life unforgettable!

1. Peacock Suites, ITC Gardenia in India

2. Rock Star Suite, Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta in Meksiko

To stay at the Rock Star Suite, Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta you must spend at U.S. $ 2,624. Location of this hotel is in the area of ​​Nuevo Vallarta.

This room became a place for partying celebrities. From Madonna to Shakira, they held a party late into the night. For those of you that crazy partying, this is the room where they are!

3. Panorama Suite, The Alpina Gstaad in Swiss

Switzerland has room luxury hotel at The Alpina Gstaad. For those of you who want to stay here, prepare a budget of Rp 107 million. It's very expensive, but very luxurious facilities provided.

In accordance with its name, the hotel room will feature panoramic beauty of the Alps in the room. You'll also get a private Jacuzzi and spa, as well as the opportunity to drive a Range Rover which is worth U.S. $ 175,000. Wow!

4. Presidential Villa, The Royal Begonia in China

China has room luxury hotel in the Presidential Villa at The Royal Begonia. The total area of ​​this room is 1,513 square meters. Spend the night here, you like to be a king.

Cost per night here is U.S. $ 10,286. If you stay here, please enjoy the tropical forest, swimming pool, and jacuzzi. Everything belongs to you personally!

5. Extreme Wow Suite, W Singapore in Singapura

For the lavish affair, not uncommon in Singapore. W Singapore offers luxurious hotel rooms with amenities guaranteed to make guests linger in the room. Cost per malanya is U.S. $ 4,500.

You can be the DJ in the room, with the tools that had been prepared. In addition, this hotel provides a unique experience. Guests will be invited to look at making cocktails.

6. Redentore Terrazza Suite, The Gritti Palace Venice in Italia

Want a romantic getaway with friends? Come to Venice in Italy. Moreover, there is no The Grifiti Palace promising romantic atmosphere.

City of Venice looks gorgeous scenery from the terrace measuring 250 meters in the room Redentore Terrazza Suite. In addition, guests who stay overnight in the room also has a private elevator. Menginapnya cost is U.S. $ 16,200.

7. Ocean Pavilion, Huvafen Fushi in Maladewa

Ocean Pavilion is a luxury hotel room in Huvafen Fushi, Maldives. Of the hotel rooms, lies the Indian Ocean that looks very pretty.

Ocean Pavilion has an area of ​​approximately 100 meters. Amenities, there is a jacuzzi and a private pool. To spend the night here, pegged the price of U.S. $ 9,200