Gombak - Malaysia has the third nation that is majority Malay, Chinese and Indian. Batu Cave, Selangor Hindu worship is so central India. There is a cave temple in a beautiful stone. To achieve this, it must pass through 272 steps.

We came to Batu Cave last week. Once on location, the statue of Lord Murugan looked towering 42.7 meters welcoming tourists. God of war is the main deity worshiped in Batu Cave.

Not playing up to the cave tired let alone have climbed 272 steps. But there is no iota of tired faces Hindus being stepped one by one there. They are quiet and calm face. This is their form of worship, climbing limestone caves to worship.

Towering up to 100 meters, this stair often make shrunken many tourists who travel there. Many feel lazy, or have given up before trying. But rather than regret later, just try his best ride. If getting tired, take a look around.

Not just tired to be had while climbing stairs. But also because of the cool air Batu Cave is located in the highlands. In addition, the higher up the ladder, the more beautiful sights presented.

For the traveler who is afraid of the monkeys, please be careful while here. Because a lot of monkeys that roam along the stairs. They are not aggressive, but it's good to remain cautious. Most people who worship or tourists happily feed the monkeys.

At the end of the trip, there are 3 temples which can be visited, but the largest is in the deepest caves. According to Kartik, one Hindu Indians who lived not far from the Batu Cave, the Hindus worship up there every two times a day. Precisely in the morning and afternoon.

If you see Hindus who worship not enough to satisfy curiosity, came in January. In that month, there is a large festival is held Hindu Thaipusam.

"The Hindus will climb from the ground up, bringing pageantry and piercing their bodies with sharp irons as a form of worship," said Kartik to us.