Okayama - Various countries have become a festival traveler attraction. In fact, there are not a few who look strange festival. From jumping over babies to parade naked man, this is the sixth most eccentric festival in the world!

News from Australia on Thursday (07/11/2013), this 6 showed the most eccentric festivals. Although eccentric, even foreign tourists like festivals enliven it. Perhaps, you are also interested in?

1. La Tomatina, Spain

La Tomatina is a tomato fight festival is usually held in the city of Bunol, Valencia Province, Spain. This festival was already going on since 1945 and followed by every tourist who comes to it.

In this festival, you can fight each other by throwing tomatoes that have been provided. In an instant, the streets in the city of Bunol is red. La Tomatina takes place on the last Wednesday in August. Prepare stamina, serbulah the people around you with tomatoes!

2. Cheese Rolling Festival, UK

As the name implies, Cheese Rolling Festival is a festival of cheese in the United Kingdom to pursue a funny and unique to welcome summer. The festival takes place each June at Cooper's Hill, Gloucester City, England and has been going on for 200 years!

The participants had to catch one big roundabout cheese dropped from a hill with a slope of 30 degrees. Cheese rolling speed can be up to 112 km / h. Not a few tourists were injured, but the medical team is ready to treat it. Dare to try?

3. Holi, India

India has a colorful festival called Holi. Tourists who participated in this festival will be throwing colored powder and water flush. Color powder is red, orange, yellow, purple, and green. Splashy!

Holi performances intended as a massive pray to the gods to invoke the smooth life during the year ahead. Holi takes place around February to March, when entering the spring. Tourists who want to follow this festival, get ready to change the color!

4. El Colacho, Spain

One more unique festivals as well as a tradition in Spain, namely El Colacho. This is the baby that do jumping tradition in the village of Castrillo de Murcia since around the 1600s. Men who make the leap and called devil costume.

The man then jumped over infants aged 4-5 about 1 year in the middle of a crowded highway and traveler communities. It is said that when the devil jumped over the baby, then all the bad things that are attached to the baby will be deleted.

5. The Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand

City of Lopburi in Thailand had a festival that celebrated by thousands of monkeys, which is The Monkey Buffet Festival. Here the surrounding community will prepare a variety of foods and beverages in large tables.

Soon, the monkeys came and devoured everything from fruits, cakes, to drink soda. This festival so the moment the tourists to see the comical behavior of the monkeys. Indeed, much of the habitat of monkeys that live in Lopburi. The festival also become an attraction for tourists.

6. Naked Man Festival, Japan

In Okayama, Japan are famous Naked Man Festival. As the name implies, this is a festival parade naked man who would walk around the city. Thousands of men have always participated in the festival, as well as tourists.

But they are not completely naked, because they use Japanese-style loincloth as used by wrestlers. This festival was held each February, when Japan in winter. The festival is aimed so that they get good luck throughout the year.