California - The color red looks like fire flows like the flow of a waterfall in Yosemite National Park, California, USA. Get ready amazed, because this is Horsetail, the waterfall of fire!

Appropriate term given, it was like a waterfall flowing splash of fire. It is understandable, because the water that falls from a height like a stream of fire.

See, we can be sure all eyes that looked momentarily stops blinking. Your mouth will be locked tight was so enthralled with its beauty.

But do not trigger fear. This is not a real fire. What is in front of the water actually real, there is no element of fire at all.

Visiting in Yosemite National Park official website on Monday (7/15/2013), red and orange are the effects of the sun. When it is, the light reflecting sunlight to the waterfall, and the impact to the appearance of a waterfall-like sparks.

However, such a phenomenon was not present at any time. He can only see in February alone. The best scenery is in the mid to late February.

At that time, there will be a lot of tourists who come in droves to come to see its beauty. Not a few, that came with the camera. Entirely spend the best ability to capture the most beautiful moments that do not exist every day.

If you want to come see, there are the best places to see, namely in El Capitan. From there, the fire pemandagan waterfall looks very clear.

Came also in the afternoon before sunset. Because it is the best time to see this phenomenon.