Traveling to the island and unspoiled beaches and many tourists would be nice. The difficulty of achieving Selayar island in South Sulawesi, will make you amazed with hidden paradise.

Screen, a small island that stretches at the foot of South Sulawesi. One of the world paradise that has never been touched, and probably not a lot of sound in the ears of the traveler.

Complicated and lack of access to the area's schedule to make less popular Selayar Island. However, who would have thought Selayar Island has thousands of beauty that is not inferior to the beaches such as Bali, Lombok, and others.

My journey towards Selayar began with flights from Jakarta to Makassar for 2 hours. After that, the rest of the journey taken by landline. If you choose the path of the air, there are some airlines that can take you to Selayar.

However, due to the lack of scheduled flights to Selayar, then I pick a landline. To arrive at Selayar, I had a 5 hour car trip through the Gowa, Takalar, Jeneponto and Bantaeng.

Until finally I arrived at Bulukumba which is located at the foot of South Sulawesi. Travel not boring because pursued through Jalan Poros. You will be treated to the beauty of the beach that stretches in South Sulawesi during the trip.

Arriving in Bulukumba, precisely in the area of ​​Bira proceed with using the ferry, to cross to the island Selayar. Unfortunately, the car I was riding could not come to cross as many trucks and buses on the ship.

The ferry trip taken for 2 hours. Along the way, you'll be treated to views of a beautiful stretch of Sulawesi island and wind gusts. The breeze makes you want to close your eyes during the trip.

Not felt, the ferry was leaning in Port Selayar. I was quickly dropped. There, my brother was waiting to drive me and the party to Fortress City, the capital district Selayar Islands.

The journey from the port to the city to be taken about 1 hour Fortress. The lack of street lighting and poor road conditions leading to the Fortress City, made the trip somewhat hampered.

I arrived in the City of Fort around 21:00 local time. Then I immediately check in at one of the jasmine-class hotel on the beach. Journey did not stop that night. Empty stomach forced me to walk around a bit enjoying the first night in the City of Fort.

I found the nasi padang stall near the hotel. But this time I was pleasantly surprised with the menu presented in nasi padang stall. Generally, nasi padang stall only provide typical Padang food, but in Selayar, nasi padang stall serves fresh seafood.

Trip that evening closed with a fully belly. I went back to the hotel and get ready to start the next day's adventure.

I woke up at 04.00 local time and immediately open the laptop to check email, and browse about interesting spots in Selayar. Around 06.00 local time, I walked out the hotel and headed straight to the beach.

Wow! that's all I can say. A very beautiful morning to wake my spirit to continue exploring Selayar. Incidentally that day is a Sunday.

Many locals biking around the beach and swim at the beach. It's refreshing. I did not linger because they have to be ready to cross the Pacific Island. A small island that is also part of the Islands District Selayar.

About 09:00 pm, I went to the Pacific island. The journey taken by boat owned by local fisherman. It did not take long to cross to the Pacific island. About 10 minutes later, I've got there.

The main goal is to go to the Pacific island home visiting my family. I do not know that there is a hidden paradise until it was told by the family that lived there. I was interested to see it.

It took about 10 minutes using motorcycles to arrive in paradise called Translucent Liang Beach. Liang Beach break location is in the other end of the Pacific Islands.

You can imagine how small Pacific island. From one end to the other takes only 10 minutes away. But the terrain is not taken easily. There are some pretty steep climbs and road conditions are less than adequate.

Arriving at Beach Break Liang, much to my surprise. I have never seen the beach with sand as white as before. Not to mention the water is still very clear. Very clearly seen small fish swimming in it.

Once again, I was enchanted by the beauty of nature Selayar. Translucent Liang beach is very quiet and rarely visited by tourists. The reason for difficult access and lack of socialization. As far as the eye could see, were playing on the beach is just the local kids who were vacationing school.

Initially I did not intend to swim at the beach because it did not bring a change of clothes. However, this magic natural beauty Selayar nyebur managed to make me desperate. Very refreshing and fun!

I swim with small fish and play in the reef. An experience that is completely new to me. Satisfied swim and play with the fish, I went back to my sisters house.

Gratitude, it turns out in your home are available grilled fish that had just fished. I also fill the empty stomach this with grilled fish is really fresh.

A very short trip, but I will never forget. As a child in the large urban areas, see the beauty of this island Selayar like the winds of heaven which freshen breath shortness by tangling big city.

A journey that opened my eyes that turned Indonesia still has a lot of untapped potential for tourism. A screen ... I would definitely come back here!