Lake Toba eruption as 75 thousand years ago was shocking. In 2013, Lake Toba was going to re-electrify the world. Not because of the eruption, but the Lake Toba Festival which has many festive events.

Festival will be held at Lake Toba Samosir Island on 8 to 14 September 2013. This festival promises much fanfare, ranging from cultural performances, competitions, up to a gorgeous panoramic view of Lake Toba.

"Lake Toba eruption could stir the world 75,000 years ago.'s Why this show should be 'exploded' and also shocking," said Vice Minister Parekraf, Nirwandar in his speech at the Soft Launching at Lake Toba Festival Hall Susilo Soedarman, Gedung Sapta Pesona, Kemenparekraf, Jl Medan Merdeka Barat, Jakarta, Friday (07/26/2013).

Sapta added, Toba lake itself is tempting foreign tourists to come and see the result of violent eruptions which has now become a beautiful lake. In addition, a variety of other interesting events will also be prepared.

"There was a tradition Solu Bolon vagabond sort of dragon boating, paragliding, the Gale-gale festival which only exist in Batak, Batak ceremonial traditions, and swimming competitions," Sapta said.

Various events will be located in the Beta Hill and Beach Tuk-tuk, Prapat. For paragliding there own uniqueness, which is the landing location on the lake.

"Those who go paragliding had the opportunity to see Lake Toba from the air," Sapta said.

In addition, tourists who come to Lake Toba Festival also entertained by the performances of the Gale-gale and also drum melody. Interestingly, drum melody there are only three in the world, namely in Africa, Myanmar, and North Sumatra.

"We created Lake Toba's World Drum Festival. Was only three in the world. Want to know the difference? Come yourself," Sapta said.

Lake Toba Festival also be an opportunity to showcase the beauty of Lake Toba. Travelers who come here, are guaranteed not to be disappointed. Get ready unnerved by indigenous Batak cultural richness and breadth of the lake Toba carved look.

"Lake Toba Festival so the momentum of the revival of tourism Toba lake," said the Regent of Samosir, Mangindar Simbolon.