Talaga Bodas Crater nature, Garut regency, West Java, soon developed to increase tourist visits while promoting the economy around.

"Visitors to the Talaga Bodas increase. Later development will use the central government budget," said the Head of the Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) Region V Garut, Teguh Setiawan, Monday (08/19/2013).

He said that the development of nature tourism was first built in between stalls for food and souvenir vendors, then shelter, information center, mosque and open fields around tourist sites.

Tourism development plan in the District Wanaradja it aims for more tourist sites neat and orderly so that tourists who visit feel comfortable. "We also work closely with the Village Cooperative Sukamenak in the tourist development. We also set up facilities for local arts performances," he said.

Tourists visiting Talaga Bodas Crater continues to increase, especially during the holidays. Recorded from 8 until August 12, 2013 or when Lebaran holidays nearly 4,000 visitors from various regions traveled to the venue.

According to True, the number of visitors thanks to the natural beauty of tourist information about Talaga Bodas Crater access road to travel and a pretty good pass and two four-wheeled vehicles.

"Maybe a lot is known about Talaga Bodas society and way over the top had been repaired so many visitors that come," he said.

Talaga Bodas Crater tourist attraction located in the border area of ​​Garut Tasikmalaya serving with the beauty of nature and lakes with clear water.