Wonosari-There distinguishes the cave with the other caves in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta . This cave contains ancient forests, became the intrepid traveler places see 'the light of heaven'. Curious ?

Jomblang is one of the hundreds of caves scattered in Gunungkidul. The cave is formed by amblesnya land and vegetation on it, directly to the earth , hundreds of years ago. This led to the collapse of the land of the hole, which is now known as the cave.

Keep in mind, this cave is not for beginners. In order to get into it, travelers need to Single Rope Technique (SRT) vertically. Citing site Jogja Travel Guide, SRT equipment consists of a harness, chest harness, ascender, descender auto, jammer, footloop, carabiner, as well as long and short cowstail.

In the cave, there are some tracks that can be passed. Travelers who first vertical cave crawl to get through the shortest path , known as the VIP.

In this track, the first 15 meters form the slope can still be climbed. But after that, to get at the bottom of the cave, visitors must descend the rope about 20 meters. It's pretty scary, especially for beginners !

But when I got to the bottom, the cave scenery was amazing. Primeval forest thrives in there. Various mosses, shrubs, and trees can be found in it. Where is the traveler can see the 'light of heaven' ?

Inside the cave there is a hallway that connected with Grubug Cave. 300 meters long hallway that is what will drive you see the 'light of heaven', the rays of sun that broke through the roof of the cave.

Underground river flowing nearby. The sun bursts in Cave Grubug, forming light poles. Water droplets from the cave beautify scenery.

That's why the cave is very attracted tourists, both domestic and foreign . The proof in 2011, the cave has become one of the set of the Amazing Race, the adventure show from the United States. Before known in foreign countries, let's get ready to get there !