Some destination was awarded the maximum beauty of winter. This is what makes them visited for the year-end holidays. Here are 7 of the best cities for Christmas and New Year.

1. Prague, Czech

Prague, Czech

White Christmas into a perfect form of Christmas. Well, you can get a moment like that in Prague, Czech. In winter, the whole building in the city covered in snow, enhanced by a small road with flickering lights.

Prague so perfect portrait to get through Christmas and New Year with quite quiet because not many tourists who glance at this city. In fact, Prague was beautiful-beautiful winter like this. Enjoy a warm evening in the cafe while sipping hot drinks and chatting with family or loved ones. Not to forget, around town and feel the nuances snow-covered Christmas!

2. Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

One of the things typical of Christmas abroad is the Christmas market. Salzburg in Austria has a solid traditional markets and exciting to discover. Moreover, with Christmas songs as background Antero easily heard in the city.

The main market in the city is behind the Fortress Hohensalzburg. But if you want to hunt for the culinary markets in the Mirabell Square is a place that is right. Around town while shopping at night is the most appropriate activities here.

3. Tromso, Norway

Tromso, Norway

The main reason why the city is included in this list because of Tromso is referred to as the capital of the Arctic. Imagine how beautiful this city during the winter. Tromso is also known as the most beautiful city in Norway and one of the best cities to see the Aurora.

The town is famous for the culinary conch it also has some interesting museums. Some of these include Polar Museum which contains the history of Arctic expeditions and famous Tromso Museum with Sami exhibits.

4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sometimes, the crowds in a city the main attraction for tourists. City like this one. Amsterdam in the Netherlands became one of the favorites to get through Christmas and New Year.

Night markets and streets blanketed in snow and light warm colors are the two most interesting things in there. Plus, a lot like Christmas songs Christmas performances, circus and more. For the lovers of the museum, visit the museum during the winter is the best time. Because at that time the museum was quiet, so, move around as much as if it belongs to you.

5. Nagano, Japan

Nagano, Japan

A fitting place for skiing in winter in Asia is Japan. Nagano in Japan recently hosted the Winter Olympics.

Japan is famous for Onsennya also very interesting to attend the winter. Soaking in hot water is comfortably while watching the snow out there, steady! Winter is also the perfect time to come so temples in Japan. Building a snow-covered shrine other views are no less magical.

6. Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

One more abundant city is Berlin Christmas markets in Germany. Prepare your feet for exploring the night markets there. Prepare your stomach anyway to sample a variety of culinary shake tongue.

Because there are at least 60 Christmas markets are held in this city. Various goods sold is also potential to serve as a souvenir for friends and family is unique in the home. There are about 6,500 restaurants, 546 cafes and snack shops there 2,800. Satisfy your stomach and your heart with holiday to Berlin at the end of the year!

7. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh has a stone lined streets, beautiful castles and gardens of the city. This is what makes Edinburgh always fit visited throughout the year. However, the other face of the city looks truly extraordinary winter.

Princes Street Gardens is one of the most magical spot in the city. In winter, the area is so much more alive with the areas for ice skating, a Christmas tree and a stunning rainbow. All this is enhanced by the view of the castle in the back garden. At the other end of town, there is Arthur's Seat is the perfect place to enjoy the finished flashing flickering city from a distance.