Natural phenomena such as meteor hit the Earth to become the object of interest for tourists. In the world, there are many meteor crater but this is the biggest.

1. Vredefort Dome, South Africa

Vredefort Dome, South Africa

2.023 billion years ago, a large meteor struck the Earth. Initially, the meteor crater has a diameter of 300 km massive. However, due to erosion over thousands of years, eventually crater located in Free State Province in South Africa's diameter is only 70 km away. In 2005, this crater in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site for its rich geology.

2. Sudbury Basin, Canada

 Sudbury Basin, Canada

Sudbury Basin or commonly known as Sudbury Structure or the Sudbury Nicker Irruptive become the second largest meteor hit areas in the world. Sudbury Basin is also one of the oldest craters on earth.

The crater is located in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada was once having a diameter of about 250 km. We have had a lot of erosion, but the crater region is known as the land mine rich platinum, gold, and others.

3. Chicxulub crater, Mexico 

Chicxulub crater, Mexico

The third largest crater in the world is the Chicxulub crater in the Yucatan peninsula located in Mexico. The name is taken from the name of this crater nearest town from there. This crater has a diameter of 180 km. 

The crater was discovered by Antonio Camargo and Glen Penfield, Geo Physics duo who are searching for oil in the Yucatan peninsula around the 1970s. It is estimated, the crater was formed about 66 billion years ago.

4. Woodleigh crater, Australia

Woodleigh crater, Australia

The crater was discovered not long ago which is about the year 2000. The inventor named Arthur J Mory who heads a team of scientists for the Geological Survey of Western Australia.

This crater is located in Shark Bay, Western Australia. It is estimated, this crater has a diameter of about 160 km.

5. Kara crater, Russia 

Kara crater, Russia

Approximately 70.3 billion years ago, there fell a meteor crater left in Russia. The crater has a diameter of 120 km is located in the peninsula Yougorsky, Nenetsia. However, due to the erosion that occurred over thousands of years, now Kara crater has a diameter of only 65 km away.

6. Manicouagan Crater, Canada

Manicouagan Crater, Canada

Back to Canada precisely located in the Cote-Nord, Quebec. There is no Manicouagan crater that was about 213-215 million years. This crater has a diameter of 100 km.

The crater is becoming one of the oldest crater surface can still be seen directly and not sink under the sea. This crater has been filled with water and become a beautiful lake surrounded by green trees.

7. Popigai crater, Russia 

Popigai crater, Russia

Located in Siberia, Russia, Crater Popigai become the 7th largest crater in the world. Diameter reaches 100 km with a lifespan of about 35 million years. This crater has been included in the list of UNESCO Geopark as a World Heritage Geology. 

Although not the biggest, but the crater is among the most resistant of erosion. This area is also famous for the largest diamond mine in the world. Wow!