The second day I came to Kampoeng Old Days Festival in La Piazza, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. I came on Sunday and definitely very crowded. I came around 16:00. Because I already know most of the booths are participating in this festival, it does not take long to decide what food I want to try this time.

I look at this culinary festival pretty much chicken satay seller, today I want to culinary themed chicken satay alone. Incidentally, I also still have not found a tasty chicken satay seller in Kelapa Gading.

Sate Ayam Madura Block S
Stand the chicken satay first I tried was the Chicken Satay Madura Block S. Let's try it. I ordered one serving, which in one serving there are 10 sticks and is included getting rice cake. The price is Rp 20,000. Chicken cutlet is quite large, quite soft, smooth beans for seasoning, sambelnya also quite spicy.

Kuah Satay Pontianak
Second place satay seller I tried was Kuah Satay Pontianak. At the moment I would like some people have to stand in line first, because many are interested in trying this rather unique satay. The price is Rp 27,000.

Chicken satay sauce given, where the beef broth of the marinade, so it kind of feels broth cow. Well there are unique besides rice cake cucumber slices in it, small satay, and a bit of orange juice given sonkit, tasty peanut flavor, legit after stirring the sauce so creamy and delicious added. Also quite spicy sauces, and adds flavor to the sauce and seasoning delicious peanuts.

Sate Ayam Ponorogo "Nyamleng"
Well sate my last try. The champion in my opinion, besides the meat is quite large, the satay was also awful, the peanut flavor is quite smooth and legit. Sauces also add a delicious menu is chicken satay. Selected meat is meat in the chest and filet. It's in one serving is also eight puncture and had to get rice cake. Sate Ayam Ponorogo is usually selling in Bintaro area. The price is Rp 27,000.

Today I ate chicken satay satisfied in Kampoeng Old Days, and was finally able to enjoy a delicious meal of chicken satay. Good luck!
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