Bangkok - Every airline in the world has a view out different. This is a hallmark and to lure more passengers. But, this airline has 10 unusual appearance and look unique.

The world's airlines are vying to lure passengers. Ranging from cheap to luxurious amenities, is offered for the sake of making passengers like a king. More than that, every airline in the world also has its own appearance to make it look unique and memorable.

Reported by the Telegraph, Tuesday (18/06/2013), there are at least 10 carriers with a unique appearance. The airline and also give the paint its unique pictures funny nan on fuselage.

Of Asia, there are three airlines that have a unique appearance. The airlines are Nok Air and Bangkok is the Water in Bangkok, Thailand, and Cebu Pacific in Manila, Philippines. Cebu Pacific, white and yellow. Yellow is the color of the bottom of the fuselage to the tail of the plane.

Nok Air is arguably even funny. Plane muzzle is painted like a bird's beak, much like the character in the game Angry Bird. In addition, the fuselage painted colorful, there are green, yellow, red, to purple.

Bangkok Air is not less interesting. Got a white base color, and then the plane was given a colorful line. Some aircraft had its own theme, such as the image contained beach sun loungers, fish, and beaches. Too funny ...

On the continent of Australia, there is Air New Zealand airline based in New Zealand. This aircraft had a theme Hobbit, which is filming a movie in New Zealand to show the natural beauty of the green and so the way tourism promotion. The characters in the film are clearly displayed in the fuselage. Take pictures with a background in Air New Zealand, definitely cool!

Turning to Europe, there are three airlines that have a unique appearance. Airline-airline Germanwings it is in Cologne, Germany, Edelweiss Air in Zurich, Switzerland, and Niki Water in Vienna, Austria.

Germanwings has dark orange appearance that can make you tingle. Muzzle plane bearing the image of a bear head wearing sunglasses and smiling. In part the blades, there are pictures bear arms!

Different again with Niki Air, the airline has a base color of gray and Niki posts on its tail. Unique, in the front of the picture plane flies no giant. Boy, does time fly this plane buzzing like flies?

Edelweiss Air can be considered unique. Because, in the tail there edelweiss flower picture. Colors were bright red plane. Perhaps, this aircraft suitable for hikers who like to see the edelweiss flower while adventuring in the woods.

Who would have thought, in Africa there is also a capable aircraft with the appearance of your stomach churn. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa are airline Mango Airlines. As the name implies, the color of paint on the aircraft is the orange pulpy mango. Ngejreng really!

America also has planes with unusual appearance. Frontier Airlines, based in Denver, the U.S. had pictures of animals on the tail plane, ranging from foxes, cats, parrots, mountain goats, to the dolphins. Unique!

Air Jamaica in Jamaica, Central America, have a look that can make the 'glare' of your eyes. The plane has a white color, yellow, blue, and purple.

Carribean Airlines in Trinidad and Tobago is located in the southern Caribbean Sea, has the appearance that is not less unique. In the tail of the plane there is a picture of a hummingbird that had a thin beak and LONG. The bird is green and white fuselage.

Lastly, is Hawaiian Airlines based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Look at the tail, there is a beautiful woman with a face drawing a flower that is in the ear. Seeing the plane, it was anxious to direct arriving in Hawaii. Aloha!