Amsterdam - It seems that almost all hotels offer the best service to its guests. Different from the others, even in the Netherlands want to be the worst. Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam is proud to be the worst hotel in the world.

There's no front hall neat and beautiful to look at, or clean rooms and comfortable look when choosing to stay at this hotel. Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands offer a welcoming stay arguably the most fateful.

From the official website of Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Tuesday (06/18/2013), this hotel claims to be the cheapest and the worst in its class. Written, they do not have all the facilities the hotel or hostel in general. They only have a room that contains a bed, showers and lockers for storage of goods.

One of the guests who stayed there wrote his impression on TripAdvisor after stay there. He said, the hotel feels like a prison. Old iron bed, and could not close her locker perfectly. He went on, walking on the aisle like being in an old hospital that was not inhabited again.

At the end of his comments, the guest said that Hans Brinker Budget Hotel is the worst hotel in the world. They say, it's better than sleeping on the roadside at the hotel. Many comments do not make the hotel improve its facilities. In fact, they sell this discomfort as their appeal.

The results are astounding. Many even curious traveler who wants to stay there. Most of them want to try out of curiosity. They want to feel yourself like what it overnight at the worst hotel in the world.

To stay here, guests who do not spend too much, in a European hotel standards. One night there, the worst experience, traveler must pay 23-54 euros or the equivalent of USD 300-700 thousand. What nonsense.